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Music soothes the savage red-head.

I listen to a lot of music and right now my go to music is Adam Lambert. *Shivers* The man is intoxicating and I won’t deny that he is one sexy man. I wish I was a sweet little gay man…ooooh myyy.

The sweet Adam


Thursday July 2nd, 2015 – **BREAKING NEWS**

HUGGLES Keep us update sweetie!


     I must admit I am cautiously optimistic and very nervous at the current time.  As most of you know for some time now the doctors have told me that the only option left for me was/is a gastric pacemaker.  I’ve not gotten there yet though because through various insurance changes, and the sheer lack of doctors/surgeons who actually DEAL with and perform gastric pacing it has remained something that was really unattainable for me.  Honestly, at on point when I was maintaining “pretty good” on my own, and after hearing a ton of horror stories of pacemakers gone wrong, I really didn’t even WANT to go for that step anymore.

Then I started doing poorly again, and after spending the first entire month of my summer laying in a hospital bed barfing, losing 45 pounds and feeling like my body was quitting again – well I guess I…

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Fun with Gastroparesis

I spent yesterday in agony and so queasy I wished to throw up just to get it over with. Never happened of course, so I went to bed still feeling like there was alien spawn break dancing inside my belly.

Woke up this morning not feeling sick and I just had a little bowl of cream of wheat. Thank the Gods for this golden, creamy goodness, it made the tummy happy, not sick! *Does happy nekkid Pagan dance*

Gastroparesis is a form of neuropathy, it is damage to the nerves of the stomach, making it unable to break down food as it should. The food sits in the stomach and rots, until you either vomit or have a nasty case of the runs.

The pain is unbelievable and for those in the advanced stages of the disease, it means being in and out of the hospital.

I am in the early stages and I know it will get worse, but I won’t be giving up, I will fight this as hard as I can, I refuse to just give up.

To all my GP brothers and sisters, I love you all and will be here for any of you, just as I know you all will be there for me.